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The poet David Whyte says that artistic integrity has to do with the willingness to step into the great unknown; obliterating that which you’ve come to know about yourself and kindling a relationship with the darkness. SMASH UP, as the title of Vincent & Mr. Green’s third go-around does just that. Of course, listeners to Vincent & Mr. Green’s previous work know they are no strangers to darkness and loss. Which is why it is fitting that the first track, “Shake It Like You Just Made Bail”, opens with dark chant-like recantations that evoke the duo’s previous energy then rises like a dawn into an undeniable dance number infused with a freedom and exuberance . . . and as the dawn smashes night, the dance tracks keep coming, infectious groove after groove… music you’d expect to hear on the home planet of Prince.

On the album’s cover we see Vincent and Mr. Green quite literally dead at the wheel, Mr. Green with a vicious contusion to the head, and Vincent with her neck slit open. Her voice bleeding over his mental collisions, for all to see. The two of them together, and alone, behind the wheel, surrounded by uncertainty and driving toward an unknown event, willingly. But for all to hear. Vincent and Mr. Green can't die. They are on an infinite loop. This is a wreck they have been in a million times before and will be in again, a million times again. SMASH UP is a beat-based twist from the old to the present, a smash up of musical influences and unadulterated emotion . . .

“ . . .and if you’re real good, I’ll make you feel good ... I want your spirits to climb.”

Vincent and Mr. Green are Jade Vincent, vocalist, and Keefus Green, pianist and keyboardist. They have been collaborating since 1993. Jade Vincent has performances in Wim Wenders, The Soul of a Man, with T Bone Burnett and “Drug State” collaboration with T Bone Burnett and Keefus Green for Callie Khouri’s Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Keefus Green has composed, arranged and produced records for artists Benji Hughes, Meshell Ndegeocello, Nikka Costa, Everlast and Cassandra Wilson. As a musician, co-writer and performer his credits include: T Bone Burnett, Mike Patton, Iggy Pop, Joe Henry, Marc Ribot, Elton John, Rambling Jack Elliott, Ice Cube, DJ Muggs, Fishbone, Jacob Dylan, Vic Chestnut. His film credits include Walk The Line, The Ladykillers, Don’t Come Knocking, and The Poughkeepsie Tapes.


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