Welcome to Iris Records music licensing page representing dozens of artists for film, television, commercial, and all other types of sync licensing.

Much of the music represented is "one-stop" for sync & master rights. If there are outside publishers, we will help you locate them and assist in clearance if possible.

Looking for a specific sound for your project? Email us with your needs!

If you have questions about music clearance/licensing, or need to know how to word a request, take a look at the FAQ

Here is a list of projects we’ve placed music in over the years


To request music for film, television, commercial, and all other types of sync licensing please email us at or fax the request to 310.388.5353

If you need help structuring a request click here for instructions


1. What is Music Clearance and Licensing?

You need to have permission in order to put someone’s music into a film, television programs, video games, advertising, social media outlets, etc. This process of requesting and negotiating a fee and receiving permission is called “music clearance.” After one has received clearance, the process of issuing contracts and payment is called “licensing.” To put a recording underneath picture (to “synchronize”) requires two types of rights clearances, the “synch rights” and the “master recording rights.” “Sync Rights” are for the actual words and music used (the “composition.”) “Master Recording Rights” are for the specific recording of that composition (the “master.”)

EXAMPLE… if your film needs the acoustic version of “I Try” as recorded by Ben Taylor, there are two clearances: the “synch rights” for the composition, owned by the writers' publisher and the “master rights” for the recording, owned by Ben Taylor's record label which is us (Iris Records).

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2. What does "one-stop" mean?

A “one-stop” clearance means that Iris Records can provide clearances and licensing for both synch and master rights. Approval from an outside publisher (such as Warner/Chappell, or any other publisher) is unnecessary in this case. Much of our music is one-stop, helping us to provide easier, faster, and often times less expensive clearances.

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3. Can I use a few bars or a short sample for free?

No, not even one note. We are easy to deal with and you'll find us much more pleasant then our lawyer calling you and costing you a fortune in legal and licensing fees. Please contact us for any use of our music.

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4. I’m a starving filmmaker with no budget and want to show my film at festivals. Do I still have to pay?

Every situation is differen but you need to get a licnese from us no matter what. Iris Records is all about the indie spirit, and it's important to us that our artists and writers get paid for what they do so they can make a living at it but we also would like to support like-minded filmmakers. Feel free to ontact us to discuss.

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5. How do I structure a music request for my project?

All requests for Iris Records music need to be in writing. We’ll be happy to speak with you on the phone, but we will not take clearance requests over the phone. Written requests can be faxed or emailed if in a PDF non editable form. Clearances and licenses are legal documents. If you don’t have access to a fax or are unable to create a PDF and you are serious about licensing music for a project, give us a call. I’m sure we can work something out.
Requests need to include the following info.:
1. Your name, company name, address, phone/fax/email
2. Project name, synopsis, music budget, any other important production detail
3. Song title, artist, album title, record label
4. Scene description – describe the scene in the movie/show
5. Use & timing – instrumental or vocal? How long is the music use?
6. Rights requested (length of term, territories needed, media needed)
7. Deadline for clearance

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6. What are the costs of licensing music?

It completely depends on everything listed in the above question. That being said, some artists/songs are more expensive than others. In general, Iris Records will work with you and tory our best to make the placement work.

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7. How long does it take to receive permission for a music use?

For an Iris Records one-stop song, it will normally be done within 24 hours. If there are outside publishers, or if we need to speak with the artist or writers, it can take a little bit longer. In the case of a song with major publishers, it’s at their discretion. Normally we’ll be able to estimate for you on a case by case basis.

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8. Am I charged for a clearance if I don’t wind up using the song?

No. It happens. It’s the same with any label or publisher. You only pay if you use the song.

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9. Can I just go directly to one of your ARTISTS to get the songs?

No. Our artists will just come back to us to clear the song anyways and will just slow down the process for you. Plus artists usually don't want to deal with this direclty.

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10. I own a record label or in a band. Can I affiliate myself with iris records? How do I submit music? Do you take on composers?

We do take on new record labels or possibly artists when the correct situations arise. The best way for you to inquire about this would be to email us information about your label or music. If you have a website to point us to, great. If not, that’s ok too.
DO NOT mail us a random package of your music as it will not be opened or listened to.

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